Translation Sessions, Wednesday August 15, 2018, 1-Day parallel sessions

The clinical application of new research findings & technologies raises a wide range of complex issues. Regulatory aspects, GMP manufacturing, standardization etc. are amongst others key issues. The translation sessions will bring together experts and researcher aiming to debate about these challanges.

Discuss strategies to master the steps and processes involved in translating advances in basic science from bench to bedside:

  • How can Researchers & startup executives in the translation process benefit from institutions which facilitate access to critical ressources and alliance programs?
  • What funding offers are there for this purpose?

The morning session provides a cross-section of important institutions that provide targeted support for translational projects from research to clinics and/or to market. The USPs of the individual institutions and the conditions of access will be presented. Success stories from research projects and start-ups will illustrate the benefits of the individual offers.

The first afternoon session will then deal with success factors of cooperation between actors in the translation process. The three perspectives of researchers, clinicians and industry and effective cooperation patterns will also be the subject of a concluding panel discussion.

The second afternoon session will set the focus on regulatory barriers and the professional handling of them. Experts will show how to prepare for issues concerning the commercialization of new technologies during the translation phase.

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