Cosmetic peptide interface from simulation and nanoimaging by xirrus simulation, @ xirrus GmbH


Biological surfaces and interfaces: where synthetic materials and biological systems interact with
each other - one of the most innovative and expanding areas of science and Technology.

Biointerfaces International 2020 Conference follows a special format: it aims to build bridges
across relevant application areas, between science & engineering, among scientific discovery, Innova-
tion & technology, and between senior scientists & early-career researchers. Both internationally highly
renowned and young scientists from academia, industry and clinics present their latest, often unpublis-
hed scientific findings and technological breakthroughs. All speakers begin their talks with a General
introduction that does not require specialised knowledge to follow. The focus of this conference is edu-
cation across the many fields of relevance to biological surfaces and interfaces


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Mark the week of August 24-27, 2020 in your agendas! Feel free to drop us your email address
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This interdisciplinary and international conference is a unique opportunity

 to strengthen bridges between different disciplines of the life sciences do-
 main, particularly between the University Hospital Zurich and the Univer-
 sity of Zurich with the ETH.  In addition to the diversity of science and
 engineering, special emphasis will be laid on the gender-balanced educa-
 tion of students and early-career scientists, which encourages and
 allows them to emerge as independent scientists.

 Prof. Beatrice Beck Schimmer
, Institute of Anesthesiology,
University Hospital Zurich


Contributed talks (20 min) will be assigned on the basis of submitted abstracts. There will be a large poster session, space for an industry exhibition, and many occasions for participants to meet, discuss, exchange ideas and find partners for future collaborations.


Sessions topics of the 3-day conference program include surfaces & interfaces and its
applications in:

  • Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cell Technology
  • 3D Cell Culture / Engineered Tissue and Organoid Models
  • Functional Material-Biology Interfaces (to Tissue, Cells, Bacteria, Enzymes/Proteins)
  • Mechanobiology
  • Bioinspired/Responsive Surfaces
  • Bioanalytics/ Diagnostics / MicroNanofabrication / Lab-on-chip
  • (Drug) Delivery Systems
  • Neuronal / Bioelectrical Interfaces, Brain