Biointerfaces International Pre-Conference Seminar 2020 (BIS-2020), August 24, 2020, University of Zurich


The Seminar will provide participants with introductory lectures on selected major scientific and technological topics covered by the BIC-2020 and beyond.

BIS-2020 will cover educational, introductory lectures on science & technology as well as translation to application related to the BIC session topics. Speakers and discussion leaders will be internationally renowned and respected for their contributions to science, education, translation and outreach to society. Part of the BIS lecturers will be at the same time keynote or invited speakers at BIC-2020.

We aim at providing participants with not only a successful introduction into the conference, but also with a long-lasting educational and more personal experience in the field of the conference and beyond.

Attendees of Biointerfaces Seminar 2018 highly valued the opportunity of getting introduced to key concepts and topics covered by the subsequent conference and of networking and personal relationship building in a smaller and relaxed format (limited number of participants).

Additional planned seminar slots will address hurdles and opportunities in the translation of scientific discovery to clinics and market.

As in 2018, an Extended Lunch Time Session will be combined with a format where small groups of participants take lunch together with two senior scientists or engineers from academia or industry. It's an "Ask Anything" opportunity for the Seminar participants. This format was considered a highlight by BIS-2018 attendees.

The seminar contributions will be workshop-like in the sense of providing some kind of personalized, less formal engagement and interactions with lecturers. Also, lectures will NOT be “standard conference overview talks” but be designed to address the specific needs of the younger, less experienced attendees, by carefully selecting few topics and addressing them from different angles. The latter will cover background fundamentals and key insights, the important unmet needs and approaches how to deal with the vexing problems that prevent breakthroughs and translation to clinics and/or industry.

Further BIS-2020 program details will be announced as soon as available.

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Biointerfaces International Pre-Conference Seminar 2020 - Monday, 24 August 2020, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Session Plan PDF Download (will follow as soon as available)