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Biointerfaces International 2020 Conference follows a special format: programming aims to build bridges across relevant application areas, between science & engineering, innovation & technology, industry & academic partners, and between senior scientists & early-career researchers. Both internationally highly renowned and young scientists from academia, industry and clinics present their latest, often unpublished scientific findings and technological breakthroughs to a diverse audience. Apart from keynote and invited talks, an important number of slots for contributed talks will be reserved (selection based on abstract evaluation).

The Biointerfaces International Seminar 2020 (August 24, 2020) covers educational, introductory lectures on science & technology, translation to application, as well as guided discussions on career aspects and societal issues, with committed speakers and discussion leaders, both internationally renowned and respected for their contributions to science, education, translation and outreach to society. Attendees of Biointerfaces Seminar 2018 valued the opportunity of getting introduced to key concepts and topics covered by the subsequent conference and of networking and personal relationship building in a smaller and relaxed format. 

The conference will cover a number of priority session topics that are currently attracting a lot of interest in both the bio-oriented community of scientists, engineers, clinicians and industry as well as society at large, often with controversial opinions on both technical and societal aspects. The conference is going to be again a global event with opportunities for networking and sharing of ideas with world-leading scientists and engineers from various countries in the world. The high-caliber session program will cover multi-disciplinary talks by academic and industrial speakers, designed to discus future research and translation directions and emerging innovations.

Session Topics:

  • Stem Cell Technology & Regenerative Medicine, Personalized Health, Gene Editing Technologies (e.g. CRISPR/Cas9) 
  • Neuronal Interfaces, Bioelectronics and Biosensors
  • Organoids, Organ-on-Chip, Lab-on-Chip, 3D Imaging, Verification and Validation
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computational Modelling Approaches to Biomaterials,Biointerfaces and Biomedical Processes
  • 3D Cell & Matrix Printing, Tissue Engineering
  • Functional Material-Biology Interfaces (to Tissue, Cells, Bacteria, Enzymes/Proteins, …), Bioinspired Responsive Surfaces, immuno-Modulatory Biointerfaces
  • Mechanobiology
  • Progress in Surface & Interface Characterization and Imaging (static/dynamic, in-situ and ex-situ) Bio-Tribology
  • Nanoparticulate Systems for Diagnosis and Targeted Therapy incl. (Drug) Delivery Systems and Precision Medicine
  • Translational Challenges, Medical (MDR) & Regulatory Challenges


The above list covers science, technology and engineering topics for both oral and poster applications.

3-Day conference program Keynote speakers will introduce the session topics by providing state-of-the-art overviews and views on future challenges. Invited and contributed talks will provide deeper insight into particular topics.

Day 1 (Tus) and 3 (Thu) will be run as single (plenary) sessions with emphasis on science, innovation and novel technologies. Day 2 (Wed) will cover parallel session on (1) Science and Innovation and (2) Translation to Clinics & Market and Societal Aspects of Technologies in the field.

Pre-conference Biointerfaces Seminar (August 24) will cover educational lectures on science, technology and translation to application by speakers internationally renowned and respected for their contributions to both science, education, translation and outreach to society.

Translation Sessions (August 26) on current issues of translating research results into clinical practice.

Extended poster forum for young scientists to present results and achievements.

Exhibition for technology innovators to showcase their technology through a linked exhibition, very close to the lunch and coffee break servings.




Session Overview - PDF DOWNLOAD (will follow as soon as available)